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1st June 2011

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I'm a LUSH and Charity Pot supporter →

This funky fresh cosmetic company not only believes that fresh fruit and veg are for the simple eating, but also for schmering them all over your face and body. After your schmer… vwala…beautiful enriched skin. I recently visited one of their stores at Third Street Promenade and every product is really fresh, made by hand, and with ingredients like wheat grass, papaya, kelp and cocoa butter placed on ice for real fresh keeping. Be warned, the smell walking in is quite overwhelming but if you can hang, the concept is really great.

Love the innovative skincare, but more than that, love their “charity pot.” LUSH has a charity pot that gives funds which support small, grassroots programs, charities and organizations ranging from animal protection to human rights. Their site just doesn’t do justice to the whole vibe, so find a store and enjoy all the freshy fresh products LUSH has to offer.

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